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Can I link from my site?  
This site is link free. Rather welcome. You can link from any site.

Can I use your images and descriptions on my site?  
Please refrain from quoting or reprinting the information (text, images, photos, sounds) on this site without permission.

How do you record your music?  
I can get clear sound by getting as close to the speakers as possible and using a super directional microphone. By applying processing such as noise removal and tuning to the recorded sound source later, it is possible to obtain the same quality as a CD sound source.

What information is the list based on?  
The information obtained by using the music search app, etc. is merged with the information inquired to Disney and the information on the official CD and edited independently. In some cases, we may refer to unofficial Disney fan sites.
However, it does not contain any of the following information about the song titles and artist names in each list.
・Administrator's personal expectations.
・Information obtained from unofficial websites where facts cannot be confirmed.

I want to use your youtube sound source  
Please refrain from secondary use of audio, photos, videos, and thumbnail images included in YouTube videos. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a permit for legal reasons. The video can only be enjoyed on your browser or YouTube.
Please check this out for details.

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