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HoratioSquare - Area Background Music

時は20世紀初頭。世界最新で最高級の豪華客船、S.S.コロンビア号の出港を祝うイベントがあちらこちらで開催されています。おや...耳を澄ますと、なにやら活気ある行進曲が聞こえてきますよ♪ 処女航海に向けての準備が進んでいるようです!

Song Title                                               Artist                                              Time
01. The Thunderer2:20
02. His ExcellencyThe Goldman Band2:09
03. King CottonMusic For Parties & More2:37
04. Foshay Tower Washington MemorialThe Great American Main Street Band3:16
05. Times You Never Forget MarchAnonymous / Anonymous Composer2:23
06. The President's MarchThe Goldman Band3:56
07. George Washington BicentennialThe Great American Main Street Band3:28
08. TabascoThe Goldman Band2:40
09. The Washington PostMusic For Parties & More2:25
10. Revival MarchThe Goldman Band2:56
11. The CrusaderMusic For Parties & More3:03
12. Grades Du CorpsThe Goldman Band2:29
13. The Fairest of the FairThe Great American Main Street Band3:33
14. On Jersey ShoreThe Goldman Band2:21
15. Anchors Aweigh2:53
16. Officer of the DayEastman Wind Ensemble2:15
17. The Governor's OwnThe Goldman Band2:16
18. Manhattan Beach1:58
19. Bonnie Annie LaurieThe Goldman Band2:28
20. The Pride of AmericaThe Goldman Band2:17
21. The Big CageEastman Wind Ensemble1:30
22. Boston CommanderyThe Goldman Band1:06
23. March - On the Quarter DeckThe Stadacona Band2:50


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The Golden Age of the American March
Grand Sousa Concert
World's Greatest Marches

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2001 -

Classical Music/March


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