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Disney Pirates Summer - Area Background Music

This Music loop for Special Event "Disney Pirates Summer" at Tokyo DisneySea.This Playing the Show After End at Mediterranean Harbor, "Cafe Portofino" and "Miguel's El Dorado Cantina".

Song Title                                               Artist                                              Time
01. Fog BoundHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra0:27
02. The Medallion CallsHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra1:30
03. Will and ElizabethHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra2:07
04. Walk the PlankHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra0:58
05. Barbossa Is HungryHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra1:00
06. Fog BoundHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra0:27
07. The Medallion CallsHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra0:16
08. Barbossa Is HungryHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra3:00
09. Blood RitualHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra2:16
10. Walk the PlankHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra0:32
11. Skull and CrossbonesHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra2:34
12. Bootstrap's BootstrapsHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra1:05
13. Moonlight SerenadeHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra1:02
14. Underwater MarchHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra1:02
15. One Last ShotHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra1:23
16. He'S A PirateTiesto, Klaus Badelt1:22
17. Jack SparrowHans Zimmer5:22
18. The KrakenHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra0:56
19. The Black PearlHollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra0:56
20. Davy JonesHans Zimmer1:14
21. I've Got My Eye On YouHans Zimmer0:53
22. Dinner Is ServedHans Zimmer1:48
23. Wheel of FortuneHans Zimmer2:34
24. Hello BeastieHans Zimmer2:10
25. You Look Good JackHans Zimmer0:25
26. 1:01
27. Up Is DownHans Zimmer2:34
28. At Wit's EndHans Zimmer2:44
29. SingaporeHans Zimmer0:35
30. The Brethren CourtHans Zimmer1:05
31. What Shall We Die ForHans Zimmer1:30
32. One DayHans Zimmer3:46
33. Drink Up Me HeartiesHans Zimmer4:25


Music loop is Playing in this Area  

It's Recorded on this CDs!  
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

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