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New York Deli - Area Background Music


Song Title                                               Artist                                              Time
01. I'm Crazy 'Bout My BabyFats Waller2:44
02. Banana Peel RagThe Paragon Ragtime Orchestra2:11
03. Bring Me Back My Lovin Honey BoyThe Paragon Ragtime Orchestra3:00
04. Fast Stuff BluesJimmy Blythe2:26
05. Gold Dust Twins RagThe Paragon Ragtime Orchestra2:30
06. Ivy3:08
07. A Symphonic Nightmare: Desecration RagThe Paragon Ragtime Orchestra4:30
08. Old ChestnutsThe Paragon Ragtime Orchestra3:32
09. Squeeze MeFats Waller3:17
10. Grizzly Bear RagThe Paragon Ragtime Orchestra2:20
11. King PorterJelly Roll Morton2:27
12. The Jogo BluesThe Paragon Ragtime Orchestra3:41
13. Oh You DrummerThe Paragon Ragtime Orchestra1:35
14. Pine Apple RagThe Paragon Ragtime Orchestra3:23
15. Fowler's Hot StrutLemuel Fowler3:36
16. The Junk Man RagThe Paragon Ragtime Orchestra2:03
17. Dynamite RagThe Paragon Ragtime Orchestra2:41
18. Alley Rat BluesJimmy Blythe2:36
18. TripletsThe Paragon Ragtime Orchestra2:04
18. The Winter Garden RagThe Paragon Ragtime Orchestra1:58

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Greatest Jazz Blues & Ragtime of Century

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