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Mickey's PhilharMagic - Queue Background Music


Song Title                                               Artist                                              Time
01. Pines of Rome(Fantasia 2000)Chicago Symphony Orchestra1:46
02. Tour of the Kingdom(The Little Mermaid)Alan Menken1:07
03. Belle(Beauty and the Beast)Disney1:10
04. Flight Through Never Land(Return to Never Land)Disney1:39
05. Piano Concerto No. 2, Allegro(Fantasia 2000)Chicago Symphony Orchestra1:20
06. Mickey Mouse March2:15
07. Main Title(Return to Never Land)Disney1:38
08. The Sleeping Beauty WaltzArthur Fiedler3:24
09. Jane Can Fly(Return to Never Land)Disney0:53
10. Pomp and Circumstance, Marches(Fantasia 2000)Chicago Symphony Orchestra2:05
11. Beauty and the Beast(Beauty and the Beast)2:10
12. Happy Ending(The Little Mermaid)Alan Menken1:11
13. To the Fair(Beauty and the Beast)Alan Menken1:40
14. Main Titles(The Little Mermaid)Alan Menken1:23
15. Transformation(Beauty And The Beast)Alan Menken4:43
16. Carnival Of The Animals, Finale(Fantasia 2000)Chicago Symphony Orchestra1:46
17. Jane Saves Tink and Pan(Return to Never Land)Disney0:51
18. Bedtime(The Little Mermaid)Alan Menken1:17
19. Mickey's PhilharMagicDisney2:29
20. Jane Finds the Treasure(Return to Never Land)Disney1:53
21. Flying Home(Return to Never Land)Disney1:45
22. Dance of the Reed PipesThe White Star Orchestra2:17
23. The Kiss(Aladdin)Alan Menken1:46
24. Firebird Suite(Fantasia 2000)Chicago Symphony Orchestra2:28
25. Reunion(Return to Never Land)Disney1:21

※このループはミッキーのフィルハーマジックのキューライン 及び、ショップ「ハーモニーフェア」店内で流れています。

Music is playback in this area!  

It's Recorded on this CDs!  
Fantasia 2000
The Little Mermaid
Return to Never Land Original Soundtrack
Beauty And The Beast

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2008 -

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