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Toontown - Area Background Music [1996-2014]

1996年から2014年までTokyo Disneylandのトゥーンタウンで流れていたBGMです。現在はこのループは使われていません。

Song Title                                               Artist                                              Time
01. Grasshopper and the Ants3:43
02. Pluto’s Playmate1:41
03. Puppy LoveFrank Churchill2:57
04. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?3:18
05. Box Lunch2:01
06. Casey at the Bat4:04
07. Camping Out3:10
08. The Wise Little Hen1:35
09. Little Toot3:12
10. Funny Little Bunnies2:59
11. Donald Duck1:26
12. The Pied Piper3:46
13. The Country Cousin2:43
14. Goofy’s Theme1:04
15. Who Killed Cock Rodin3:21
16. The Skeleton Dance2:58
17. Minnie’s Yoo HooCal Stalling, Walt Disney1:29
18. Springtime3:46
19. The Torteise and the Hareu3:10
20. Playful Pluto/td>1:26
21. Maroon LogoLondon Symphony Orchestra0:17
22. Smile Darn Ya Smile1:50
23. Thru the Mirror3:19
24. Steamboat Willie2:10

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東京ディズニーランド(R) ミュージック・アルバム
Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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1996 - 2014


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