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Westernland - Area Background Music

時は19世紀、西部開拓時代のアメリカが舞台。赤い岩山を背景にアメリカ河は悠々と流れ、汽笛の音が風にのって届きます。 それにまじって聞こえてくるのは、"Oh Susanna"や"Red River Valley"などアメリカ南部を連想させるような音楽です♪

Song Title                                                 Artist                                      TimePreview
01. Big Rock Candy Mountain2:06
02. Red River Valley2:30
03. Way Down Upon the Swanee River2:26
04. I Gave My Gal a Cherry1:47
05. Turkey in the Straw1:45
06. Oh Susanna1:24
07. West of the Wide Missouri1:23
08. All Aboard the Mine Train1:44
09. California Gold0:58
10. A Cowboy Needs a Horse1:33
11. Dry Gulch Cowboy1:01
12. Bang Goes Old Betsy1:32
13. Ti Ti Yo1:48
14. Apple Dumpling Theme1:12
15. Buffalo Gals1:05
16. Pecos Bill1:10
17. Savage Sam and Me2:27
18. Ridin' Home to Wyoming2:17
19. Boy Girl Theme1:53
20. Bullwhip Griffin2:21
21. The Saga of Andy Burnett1:35
22. Old Yeller2:03
23. Pecos Bill1:17
24. Roamin' the Lawless West1:41
25. On Top of Old Smokey1:37
26. Bang! Goes Old BetsyGeorge Bruns1:59
27. Red River ValleyGeorge Bruns2:37
28. Polly Wolly DoodleGeorge Bruns2:11
29. Home on the Range2:30
30. Bill 'Em Cabbage DownGeorge Bruns2:12
31. Bearless LoveGeorge Bruns2:02
32. Wabash CannonballGeorge Bruns2:32


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Tokyo Disney Resort Treasures of Fantasy : It's Magical!
Country Bear Jamboree - Original Sound Track

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