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World Bazzar - Area Background Music

ワールドバザールで流れているBGMです。ここで流れるラグタイムは東京ディズニーランドに訪れた人であれば誰もが耳にしたことのある名曲ばかり。中でも『The Easy Winners』や『Man With a Load of Music』は東京ディズニーランドの顔とも言われるくらい強いインパクトを持っています。お部屋でこの曲を聴きながらシナモン味のチュロスを食べればまさにそこは夢と魔法の王国☆

Song Title                                         Artist                                      TimePreview
01. Grizzly BearAlbert White & Gaslight Orchestra2:19
02. Smoky MokesAlbert White & Gaslight Orchestra2:36
03. GeraldineAlbert White & Gaslight Orchestra2:29
04. T.P.G. (Barn Dance)Albert White & Gaslight Orchestra1:55
05. Polka By RequestAlbert White & Gaslight Orchestra3:14
06. Down at the BarbecueAlbert White & Gaslight Orchestra3:30
07. Dynamite RagAlbert White & Gaslight Orchestra2:47
08. Cascade of FlowersAlbert White & Gaslight Orchestra2:14
09. At a Georgia Camp MeetingAlbert White & Gaslight Orchestra2:02
10. Turkish Towel RagAlbert White & Gaslight Orchestra2:47
11. Waltz for EvelynRandy Newman1:03
12. Delmonico PolkaRandy Newman1:01
13. Atlantic CityRandy Newman1:22
14. Clef Club No.2Randy Newman1:19
15. Palm Leaf RagScott Joplin2:57
16. Sun Flower Slow DragNew England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble3:06
17. Great Scott RagWilliam Bolcom3:04
18. The Easy WinnersNew England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble3:55
19. The ChrysanthemumNew England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble3:43
20. War CloudThe New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra3:54
21. High SocietyThe New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra3:46
22. Theme From Minnie's BoysMerv Griffin1:54
23. Man With a Load of MusicRalph Carmichael2:05

Music is playback in this area!  

It's Recorded on this CDs!  
(LP) Your Father's Moustache Vol.2
Wind in the Rigging
(LP) Scott Joplin: Palm Leaf Rag
Joplin: The Red Back Book
Creole Belles
(LP) Appearing Nightly
(LP) Man With a Load of Music


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