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PolynesianArea - Area Background Music


Song Title                                               Artist                                              Time
01. To You Sweetheart, Aloha4:05
02. Ua HaavarevareThe South Sea Serenaders3:02
03. The Far LandsThe South Sea Serenaders3:46
04. Beyond the ReefPercy Faith2:50
05. The Moon of ManakooraPercy Faith2:59
06. My Tane3:18
07. Trade Winds3:25
08. Little Brown GalOhta-San4:45
09. Aloha My Tani / Aloha Oe5:40
10. Ukulele LadyDuke Kamuku & His Lslanders2:37
11. Song of the IslandsDuke Kamuku & His Lslanders3:20
12. Silver Moon2:26
13. Orchids from Hawaii2:46
14. Hawaiian Memories3:43
15. Pearly Shells2:50
16. Hawaiian Rose2:28
17. I'll Weave a Lei of Stars for You2:21
18. Kalena Kei1:38

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Beachcomber Serenade
Stranger In Paradise
Golden Hawaiian Hits

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