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This website is a Disney fan site that introduces background music loops playing in each area of Disney Parks.Information such as song titles and CDs are posted.
Music for special events and attractions is frequently released on official CDs, but background music loop in the area is rarely released on CDs. Also, such information is often unofficial and very rare for some fans.
We independently researched the titles and CD information of Disney Parks Area background music loop and compiled them on this website.

What is the BGM?  
"BGM" is an abbreviation of "Background Music", which is image music that plays in the background of the main subject.
At Disney Parks, buildings, streetlight and cast members' costumes are designed with specific themes to create a unique world view, creating an extraordinary space.
The interior of the park is a "gigantic stage against the background of the blue sky", and everything in the park is considered from the standpoint of stage equipment and forms a story. This is called "theme show".

Cars Land in Disney California Adventure.The theme is an imaginary town along Route 66, which appeared in the Disney Pixar movie "Cars" series, and faithfully reproduces the movie's worldview, buildings, traffic lights, road signs and other details.

Music is also an important theme show and an essential element in creating a theme story.
Background music differs for each area, and music that matches the theme of that area's country and historical background is selected and made. For example, at the main entrance of Disneyland, "Main Street U.S.A.", music of the genre called "ragtime" is heavily used in order to produce good old America. Ragtime is a musical genre that spread from New Orleans in the early 20th century with black performances. So imagine how uncomfortable it would be if these music were playing in Tomorrowland, the theme of space and the future.

The Main Street U.S.A at Disneyland Park, lined with Victorian buildings, is modeled after Walt's childhood in Marceline, Missouri. Area music also makes heavy use of "Ragtime," which was popular at this time.

There are also ideas for keeping each theme. For example, if you move to a different area, adjust the direction and volume of the speakers between the areas so that you can hear the music in the next area and do not feel uncomfortable. , Waterfalls and fountains have been created to neutralize the sound. As you can see, at Disney Park, the music is ingenious.

"I want you to forget your everyday life while in the park and feel like you're in another world." Walt Disney

Walt's wishes have been preserved in Disney Parks around the world, even more than 60 years after the very first Disneyland was established in California.

How can I get BGM?  
The Area Background Music that is played at the park is made not by playing commercially available CDs, but by combining several CDs and records to select only songs that match the theme of the area. It may be difficult to get all of them, including songs made by third-party artists unrelated to Disney. However, there are some songs made by Disney and songs made by Disney according to the background music of the park, and some of these songs may be released on Disney's official CD.

Tokyo DisneySea Mermaid Lagoon Music Album

Non-Disney music may be used from commercially available CDs and records. Since we are making a combination of several CDs and records, you have to get all the used CDs and records to collect all these tracks. Especially records are very difficult to obtain now.
The blank columns in the music list on this site are those for which the song title is not known, or those for which WDI has created a song and has not officially registered the song title. WDI stands for (Walt Disney Imagineering), a Disney division in California that designs and designs Disney park buildings, shows concepts and music.
Walt Disney Imagineering

Let's record in the park!  
This is both a rudimentary and a last resort. When you record it, you will definitely hear human voices and birdsongs, but the only way to collect songs that are not on CD is this way. The best way to get good sound is to get as close as possible to the speakers. Also, if you want to get the sound of a speaker at a high position, use a directional microphone to get a clear sound. Also, when recording music in the park, a PCM recorder is useful. You can record with high sound quality, and if you import the recorded data to your PC and make detailed edits with waveform software such as Audacity, you will be able to enjoy the park feeling even at home.

Roland ローランド ステレオ マイクロフォン CS-15RS
TASCAM 24bit/96kHz対応リニアPCMレコーダー DR-40VERSION2

However, be careful when recording. Please be careful not to bother others around you. Shooting and recording are prohibited at some attractions and entertainment. Follow the rules and manners and act correctly. Never perform dangerous actions.

*This site only shows how to record in the park, but does not recommend it. You can record music at the park at your own responsibility.

Preview of BGM  
You can preview the area music on this site. Please use it to collect information such as song titles and CDs. Since the preview sound source uses the sound source recorded in the park, there may be a lot of human voices and noise. Some songs cannot be previewed due to copyright issues.

・The preview sound source may be changed or deleted without notice.
・This site does not publish the preview sound source by CD sound source from the viewpoint of copyright protection. Also, please note that full UP is not possible.

About this Swite  
・We are an unofficial Disney account operated and managed by an individual, we are not "The Walt Disney Company" or it's subcontractors.
・This site is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for the site to earn referral fees by promoting and linking to

・Please refrain from quoting or reprinting the text, photos, sounds, and music information on the site without permission.
・The pages of this site are compatible with the browsers of "Internet Explorer", "Firefox", "Google Chrome", and "Safari". Please note that it may not be displayed correctly if you use other browsers. Also, in rare cases, the latest information may not be reflected. In that case, please delete the cache of the browser and then reload it.

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